Welcome to akronpiano.com! Let me introduce myself and my studio:


My name is Sarah and I’m a pianist and piano teacher in Akron, Ohio. I love being a piano teacher. I get to meet all kinds of people, have fun with young kids, and learn more about my community from my adult students. I keep trying to decide which I like better, teaching adults or teaching children, and I can’t decide because I truly enjoy all ages.

NBD, this is just me and my husband with Brent Spiner!


Young Students – Method Books

I love the kids; their stories, their energy, their enthusiasm. I’ve transitioned my studio over to Piano Pronto and everyone is really enjoying the method. One of the biggest bonuses to Piano Pronto is that it’s in the Piano Maestro iPad app, which is a fantastic resource that I use with all my beginning pianists.

With the really little kids, 4-5 year olds, we start in Roadtrip. There are currently two books in the series, and it’s a fun, interactive way to learn piano. Every student I’ve had use this method has enjoyed it very much.

With slightly older children, I use Keyboard Kickoff, and with teenagers we start in the Prelude book. All the of early Piano Pronto books have fun piano parts that I can play along with the student.

This is Riley after finishing one of his method books!



Young Students – Incentives

Everyone responds well to an incentive. My students under the age of 10 get to choose from several different sticker charts, and for each piece that they learn well, or worksheet they complete for me, they get a sticker. When their chart is full (20 stickers), they can pick a prize from my prize drawer. I try to keep a variety of prizes that will interest boys and girls from 4-9 years old.


If a student is really struggling, I’ll work with the parent to come up with a special incentive for a special project, like learning a longer piece, or practicing a certain number of days that week.


Adult Students

I tailor adult lessons to the student’s needs. If they’re starting from scratch, we’ll use Piano Pronto or Faber’s Adult Piano Adventures, depending on the preference of the student. We don’t play as many games as the younger students, but I still use my iPad and keep things fun.

My adult students get together to play for each other in my home in the spring and the fall. We pick an evening, have some appetizers, get to know one another and play for each other. I play too, it’s good for all of us. Adults are encouraged to participate in student recitals as well.



My studio holds two recitals a year. All ages are welcome! I like to hold a Halloween recital in October, where each student is encouraged to dress in their Halloween costume and we pick out spooky pieces to play for each other. We hold a more formal spring recital in May or June each year.

Our Spring 2015 recital

Students in my studio can also participate in OMTA events. There’s a wonderful recital in November at the downtown Akron public library, duet festival in February, ribbon festival in March, and the high school Gala in April. If you’re looking for performing opportunities, I have them!


Join Us!

Sound like fun? It is! We have lots of fun in my studio while I teach about the piano, music, composers, math, listening skills, and much more.

Here’s a princess at our Halloween recital in 2014

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