New Piano Student Registration Form

Every time I get a new student, I have them fill out a form for that I keep in their folder. It helps me keep track of important things like what type of instrument they have, what their backup phone number is, and if I should text them or email in a pinch.

I used to use a two page from from another piano teacher, but have come to feel like it was too involved. All I need here are the basics. Any notes about the student, repertoire, or other activities I’ll probably make on Trello.

So here is a one page form that covers the very basics of what you need to know about your student.

new student info


If you want to use this form in your studio, you can download the PDF here: New Student Info PDF

What would you like to know about a new student? Leave me a message to let me know what’s the most important question a piano teacher could ask.

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