Are you ready to learn? Let’s play!

Anyone can start piano at any age. I take students ages 4 and up.

For students 4-5 in Kindergarten or younger, I use the Roadtrip! series and we have a lot of fun. We learn to count, we learn about the piano, and we play fun music games.

For students 6-11, I use the Piano Safari method. It’s a newer method, but really well put together. Students learn to read rhythm and play fun songs while learning to read intervals (how far apart notes are). I supplement this method with board games and iPad activites. Parents will need to buy the Piano Safari pack, level 1. This book will last the average student a year.

In addition to having a lesson book and flashcards, there are reminder videos on Youtube for many of the songs. So when I teach a student a song in their lesson, they can refresh their memory throughout the week at home. You can see some of those videos here.

Teenagers start out on Piano Pronto Prelude. Once they complete the Prelude and Movement 1 books, we can move into the Piano For Busy Teens series.

I also use my iPad if the student responds well to it at any age. Some of my favorite apps include Piano Maestro and Rhythm Swing.

Most beginners take 30 minute lessons once a week. If a student becomes really interested and we have a lot of music to learn, I’ll recommend a 45 minute lesson. Check out my rates.

Since every child is different, most of the students I teach are learning different music. You’ll hear a wide variety at our recitals, which are held in October and May, including classical, spiritual, and just plan fun!

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